Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

For a truly stunning alternative to traditional blinds and curtains, consider choosing from an outstanding collection of the best quality custom made shutters.

From country cottages to period homes and colonial charm to urban chic, there is a shutter for every room in your home. These gorgeous pieces of window furniture will produce a real focal point that guarantees to add a new and unique dimension to any room in any home. They are as functional as they are sleek, you can regulate light, shade, heat and privacy with complete ease.

Plantation Shutters are the perfect way to manage light and privacy in your home and produce a look that is classy, sophisticated and admired by all.

Plantation Shutters are louvred panels secured to the inside of windows and doors. Windows and doors can be fully open with shutters fixed in front of them. They give valuable insulation in winter and summer. Effortless operation of the shutter louvres brings ventilation to your rooms, when you want, without worrying about the frustrating flapping that comes with curtains and blinds. Or if you prefer, your shutters can be left fully closed for complete privacy.

Pros – Plantation Shutters

  • Big selection of colours and slat sizes.
  • Will maintain privacy but still allow light to enter.
  • Quality of real wood.
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